Swiss Blockchain Services

Blockchain is a buzzword. We can help you finding a path in the jungle of this innovative technology. Do you want to mine Ether or Bitcoins, do you want to trade cryptocurrencies? Are you curious to find out what the difference between that blockchain and an ordinary database is? Would you like to create a blockchain token for your clients and customers? Do you want to realize a smart contract and need support? Are you worried about how to store your bitcoins, your ether. Are you planning to create a decentralized blockchain based shareholder association? Do you want to link a process, a service, a product to a blockchain? Get in touch and we are happy to meet with you in person or over skype.


If you want to create a know-how transfer and get it all in house, that fine for us. Our team can coach your project from scratch and diffuse our savoir-faire into your company. We have a lot of experience with hands-on solution oriented project realization. Also we are experienced in cooperating with organizations of a global scale where we worked with middle and top - management. We know the drill. We know the challenges.

The internet of things is at our doorstep.Smart contracts could be a key to the future of the internet of things.  On the other hand, billions of people globally have no access to financial services but they all have access to a mobile phone.Again smart contracts could provide solutions for the needs of billions. But most importantly, in a decentralized and globalized world a decentralized consensus system like for example an Ethereum based smart contract system could solve many problems and add security for users and hardware. The smart contract technology is still very young and and only early adopters are using it in business cases. If you are interested in prototyping a solution for your organisation let us meet and find out how we can help you.


blockchain tokens creation and distribution
Do you want to create a blockchain coin or token? Do you want to want to transfer value or track goods or services? We support you whichever way you want. If you want to buy the service, fine. Do you want to know to how to handle the project yourself we guide and support you with all the necessary know-how you need.
blockchain value storages
How do you store the values that are within the blockchain? We can help you to find the solution that fits your storage needs. Not every customer has the same requirements and the same regulatory limitations. We can help to find a storage solution that matches your needs.
smart contracts
The smart contract is the most auspicious promise of the blockchain-crypto hype. What is a smart contract, where are the possibilities, what risks are there, which limitations are to be expected. The smart-contract-world is yet very young, but we help you prototyping a contract that fits your needs.
private blockchain
You want your own blockchain for your organisation? No problem. We show you what solutions are available and how you can implement them. We help you to sketch a map of pros and cons of the solutions available so you can find a solution that suits your needs.
phyical wallets
There are many reasons for a physical wallet and many solutions too. Do you want to show you are up to date with cutting edge innovation-technology? Let us help you create physical wallets as give aways.
Mining is the backbone of most blockchains. We help you decide wheter mining could be profitable for your setting. There are many good reasons for mining and many good reasons not to mine. Let us have a coffe and talk about it.


our work in the blockchain universe


  • we are working two Ethereum project planned to go live in Q2 2017
  • continous tech-Support & programming Ethereum Movie Venture
  • ICO-sale Ethereum Movie Venture
  • Ethereum support for the first Ethereum funded movie
  • publication of various Ethereum contracts
  • Ether-PVC-vaults
  • blockchain plugins for CMS
  • Talks and presentations