Mycelium Switzerland

We are exclusive Distributor for Mycelium in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


Multipass (website in german)

we produce and adapt blockchain ID-cards, callets for multi use purposes. Contact us to find out more.


We help you to transfer money in less than a minute worldwide, no borders no fees, inclusive secure tracking and loggin.


You need to raise significant funds? Let us help you to organise a transparent, scalable and secure fundraising without

Smart Contracts

Automated billing, payment, accounting between your hardware. Solarpanels, heating, computer, car, mobile-phone anything with a processor. We create smart contracts for your needs.


We create ERC-20 standart coins and register it for you. Use to coin and the app that goes with it inhouse, at your corporate event or with your customers for creating a thight relationship with your partners and clients.

Tracking of products and services

We provide a secure and immutable workflow-application for your products and services. It is transparent, accessible, immutable and can be acessed from everywhere.


If you want to create a secure and safe voting system we have a blockchain based solution that can be adapted to your needs. Contact us for more information.